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After many years of having a tropical theme to the salon, we decided to renovate and brighten up with a new coat of paint and cozy laminate flooring in the reception area.  We hope that all of our clients enjoy the new look and feel of the salon.  After much discussion among our staff and clients, I settled on a cream color with dark brown accent wall.  I also selected a vibrant blue to bring together the blue chairs and trim throughout the salon. Next, I asked by good friend Bonnie and my wonderful boyfriend Fred to pitch in.  We all enjoyed working and seeing the salon being transformed before our eyes.  Here are a few of the pictures we tool as we worked.

Lets start at the end and go backwards for a change!  This is the final result.


Here is Liane drying paint in our new salon.

But what about the bird?  Should the bird stay or fly south for the winter?

The Bird flies south!

The paint crew wont stop until its done...

The floor needs some work too.  Where is the carpet?

Ah there it is, or there it goes!