Do Not Disturb the Sleeping Dog

After cutting my clients thick and curly hair, as I was cleaning up, I couldn't help but notice how much the hair clippings looked so much like a sleeping poodle.  We all laughed and were amazed at how cute our little doggie was.

The proud new dog owner quickly became so emotionally attached to the doggie that he decided to name him 'Lucky'.  Here he is lovingly petting his new family member.

Nice 'Lucky' was having so much fun at Liane's that he insisted on booking his next shampoo and grooming at Lianes Todays Hair Design of Manassas Virginia.  Woof Woof Liane...

Video Clip - Haaaaa :)

Brazilian Blowout

This is a photo after a Brazilian Blowout.  Notice how the hair falls gently framing her face and how soft and full of life the hair looks!  We missed the before picture but my client was so pleased with the results we wanted to show everybody how great she looks.